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H&M Loves Thick Chicks

Since giving birth to my son 15 months ago, I have had to realize and embrace the fact that I am either too lazy to get into shape or I will be one of those moms who just never bounces back. How futile.

I really do enjoy my new body. I have breasts the size of watermelons (not that they weren’t huge before), real hips, and a nice toosh. Thank you, Son!

Seriously, I attribute my new voluptuousness to childbirth. And I’m grateful. However, I’m not as grateful that I have to shell out duckets for a WHOLE new wardrobe.

That part I can do without — considering how “broke” I am.

But I’ve found the answer to being fat (or curvy, whichever term feels right for that moment) and poor! H&M!

I remember I used to shop there when I was a size 12. Keep in mind — I’m 5’10¬†and African-American. A size 12 is a damn good, not yet considered obese size.

So here are a few finds from H&M for the New Year. Coming this Spring =)
Can’t wait to rock these fun colors.

Here’s to a New Year! And may we prove the Mayan calendar wrong…