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Cookie In A Jar Tutorial

When I discovered cookie in a jar mixes in 2010 I kinda went ‘ham’ making them for family members and friends.

I think in the back of my mind I was hoping I could make a living selling them out the back of a 1960 Volkswagen split window panel van, while wearing sandalwood essential oil as perfume, and blasting Fleetwood Mac from the custom installed system.

Quite the imagination you say?

They don’t call me Daydream Mom for nothing!

Well.. the problem with that very doable vision of mine is I was spending WAY too much on just the materials that I wouldn’t have been able to ever make a profit. I sold a total of 5 Cookie In A Jar mixes. And unfortunately one jar broke, cutting a customer’s hand! Guess that’s what’s happens when you ship to Hawaii. *sad face*

Lesson learned and I write “fra-gee-lee” on every single item I now ship. Whew. Problem solved.

Here’s a quick tutorial of the Cookie In A Jar mixes. BTW. When you bake ’em up, they are some of the most orgasmic, easy to whip up cookies you’ll probably ever eat. I’m just sayin….

First wash your containers. And then let them air dry.
You don’t want to wipe the insides because you’ll ‘contaminate’ them. There is food going inside you know.

Once they’ve dried start filling in layers.
Make sure you have a mixing spatula on hand to flatten each layer. If you fail to pack each layer tightly your jars won’t have the awesome layered sand effect.

You can put the layers in whichever order you choose. WORD TO THE WISE: Do NOT put white flour layer and then white sugar layer. I mean — chemically, sure you can layer those two, but aesthetically… not very pleasing.

After you’ve layered all the ingredients there will probably be room up top. If you’re shipping these try putting extra chocolate chips or crispy rice cereal on top to ensure all the layers stay.

Lastly, attach the recipe and baking instructions to the jar somehow. I attached with a bow made of ribbon and a cute-sy little recipe card I printed on cardstock.
That’s it!

Now sit patiently and wait for friends and family to request your creation OR get to selling them in your Volkswagen!

-Daydream Mom