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I HEART Clarks!!!

And apparently I’m nearly 200 years late coming to my senses. But I absolutely LOVE Clarks. They’re masculine, sophisticated, earthy, with a twist of stuck-up flair. They’re awesome. AAAAND… Clarks has Kids shoes too! AAAAAND¬†they have extra wide shoes! AAAAAAND they go up to gigantic sizes too!!!!

I’m thrilled! Can you tell?

So, truth be told, I’m not AT ALL a fan of their summer collection for women. But their men’s shoes…. Oh my.

Photos courtesy of SneakerFiles because I cannot yet afford a pair of Clarks. Thank You.

Sometimes I wish I were a guy.

Technically since my feet are so big, I can wear mens shoes. And I probably should start doing that! Hahaahahaa.

Good thing is if I were to do a men’s shoe I’d psych myself because I’d wear a size nine. And that makes me happy =)

-Daydream Mom