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I HEART Clarks!!!

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And apparently I’m nearly 200 years late coming to my senses. But I absolutely LOVE Clarks. They’re masculine, sophisticated, earthy, with a twist of stuck-up flair. They’re awesome. AAAAND… Clarks has Kids shoes too! AAAAAND they have extra wide shoes! AAAAAAND they go up to gigantic sizes too!!!!

I’m thrilled! Can you tell?

So, truth be told, I’m not AT ALL a fan of their summer collection for women. But their men’s shoes…. Oh my.

Photos courtesy of SneakerFiles because I cannot yet afford a pair of Clarks. Thank You.

Sometimes I wish I were a guy.

Technically since my feet are so big, I can wear mens shoes. And I probably should start doing that! Hahaahahaa.

Good thing is if I were to do a men’s shoe I’d psych myself because I’d wear a size nine. And that makes me happy =)

-Daydream Mom


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