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Kate Plus 8 Mommy Card Revoked?

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When I ran across this article on I was a little …. perturbed. The article goes on to describe Kate Gosselin’s Photobucket(you know.. from Kate Plus 8)

supposed personal journal entries that document her abusive disciplining practices. Apparently, Robert Hoffman found her journal entries that vividly describe incidents in which she would hit her children with a wooden spoon.

Well… my initial reactions were: Who the hell is Robert Hoffman and why is he using this woman’s deep-rooted issues as personal gain???!! Sick-o much?

I have written in one of my earliest Daydream Mom posts about how I feel about corporal punishment. And even with my views on abuse and physical discipline, I STILL refuse to judge this woman. I’m an educator, therefore I’m an advocate on the behalf of children and their wellbeing. But I’m still no judge.

It is not my place, nor anyone elses to judge Kate Gosselin. If she is physically harming or disciplining her EIGHT children my heart goes out to them, as well as her. I hope she finds alternative ways of effectively disciplining. I hope she learns that she’s causing irreparable psychological damage to her children, and herself! I hope she asks for the help that she needs so that she is not so frustrated with her children’s actions. And may she find the tools and techniques to better understand her children’s behaviors.

I KNOW how difficult it is to deal with children’s idiosyncracies!! I am a toddler teacher. And a mom to a toddler! But physical punishment is never the best option.

Studies have shown that children who receive corporal punishment as disciplining techniques show signs of Oppositional Defiance Disorder by age 5 (PubMedHealth, 2010). And of course this leads to more problems throughout adolescence, teenage years, and adulthood.

On the other hand,  there are great books that provide tips on effective disciplining sans the wooden spoon. Peaceful Parenting is an EXCELLENT place to start! Photobucket
But who am I to say how anyone should discipline? I’m no Doctor Phil.

I wish Kate the best during this time in her life. It’s unfathomable someone making gain from your hardship.

What are your thoughts on Kate’s impending effective Mothering skills? Do you care? Or is physical discipline necessary? EVERYONE’s views and comments welcome!


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