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Repurposed Starbucks Caddy {Tutorial}


I am the frugal Queen. But I have nice taste. (Or at least I think I do). However, sometimes those standards are not reflected in my buying style because I simply don’t have the funds. I’m sure many of you would agree you’re inĀ a similarĀ predicament — especially if you’re a single, co-parenting parent.

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Create Easy, Yet Cool, Art w/ Your Tot

As a mother to a 23 month old boy AND a teacher to a classroom of 12-24 month olds, I can 100% say that I have my moments when I rather forego the creative art projects! But I’m an artist at heart (amongst many other things) and just can’t stand to live a day without creating something….

When my little boy was just 8 months old I’d paint with him. I’d stick his foot in some paint and make footprints, or let him have at it with some crayons or markers.


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I’m a Humanist at Heart

For the few of you that actually read this blog, I’d like to update you. Yes, I am alive and well =) I’ve just been extremely busy pushing out at least two projects per week for school. I’m excited! I’m maintaining my 4.0… Somewhat. (This Composition II course is kicking my arse). And I LOVE writing so it’s rather ironic, if you ask me.

Speaking of my composition II course — we are to write about a “big idea” that we are passionate about and could possibly do something about in the future. Well, for several years I’ve had this idea of forming a learning center. Not just any learning center. Something for a particular group of citizens of the United States.

There is an endemic that needs changing, remodeling, catering too. And not that I’m Superwoman, but I feel I have valid ideas, education, and a heart for helping and teaching.

For anyone interested here’s my “big idea“.


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