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Create Easy, Yet Cool, Art w/ Your Tot

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As a mother to a 23 month old boy AND a teacher to a classroom of 12-24 month olds, I can 100% say that I have my moments when I rather forego the creative art projects! But I’m an artist at heart (amongst many other things) and just can’t stand to live a day without creating something….

When my little boy was just 8 months old I’d paint with him. I’d stick his foot in some paint and make footprints, or let him have at it with some crayons or markers.


Yes, creating art can be messy as hell! But it’s so much fun and more than anything life-long memories are created.

So, today while I was browsing Apartment Therapy I ran across this spectacularly awesome painting project via Blog Me Mom. It’s called “resist painting”. The good thing about this resist painting method is it’s fool-proof, easy prep work, and the finished product looks like Fine Art.

Well, maybe not fine art, but still pretty close for a toddler.

Here’s my son’s, Nezrah, version of resist painting with a Thomas the Train motif.

It literally took 2 minutes to trace the outline of a Thomas toy train he has, cut it out, and tape it down to a clean sheet of cardstock. Now that I think about it we should’ve used blue paint!

I ♥ it!

Care to try Resist Painting?? What motif/cutout would you create for your little one(s)??!

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