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How Many Moms Will Admit?

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I know I’m not the ONLY one.

When Saturday rolls around the last thing I want to do is venture out into society. When I was staying at home with my son I wasn’t so …tired. Everyday we’d get out and about to the park, a store, or to see his dad’s side of the family.

But since I became gainfully employed again in March, I haven’t had the energy to make Saturday a priority. Usually by time Saturday evening rolls around I’m ready to become Eema (Mom) again. Which kind of sucks — now that dusk settles earlier and earlier.

(I don’t exactly go out and get ‘crunk’ Saturday evening, let alone any day of the week. I’m a single, coparenting, nearly 30-year-old mother for God’s sake, therefore my days of going out have long been gone. Not to say that I’m not entitled to a good night, I just haven’t been granted one!)

Don’t get me wrong. My son and I do get outside for some fresh air. The backyard is suitable. Even the front yard. And if I’m feeling adventurous we’ll head to CVS for new finds.

On the other hand, Sundays are reserved for running errands and getting to one of the many awesome local parks/playgrounds in the city. I ♥ our parks. Truth be told the parks here were one of my main reasons for moving back after a brief 370 day ‘vision quest’ in Mesa, AZ.

So since I slept my Saturday away now it’s time for responsibilities. Off to make some dinner and do some schoolwork. #coparenting #exhausted #sleep #bribe

-Daydream Mom

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