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Repurposed Starbucks Caddy {Tutorial}



I am the frugal Queen. But I have nice taste. (Or at least I think I do). However, sometimes those standards are not reflected in my buying style because I simply don’t have the funds. I’m sure many of you would agree you’re in a similar predicament — especially if you’re a single, co-parenting parent.

My DIY/crafting/sewing ventures were almost put on hold due to the costs of supplies and what not UNTIL I bought a four pack of Starbuck’s Frappuccinos one day and thought “Hey, this caddy could be used for something!”

I left the emptied Starbucks Frap bottles and caddy to sit in my designated ‘future project area’. They waited patiently for a few weeks until I came up with the perfect repurpose solution — A Utensil Caddy!

Brilliant right??!

Maybe not. But still the project was easy, fun, relatively quick, and 100% purposeful.

Here’s a quick tutorial for anyone who has ever refused to throw their Starbucks caddy away.
Wash the bottles thoroughly and let air dry.

Once dry, tape off a design of some sort using painters tape.
In a well-ventilated area spray with primer. {{I didn’t think I needed forgot to prime so I had a PLETHORA of ugly drip marks. BOOOOO.}}

Let primer dry then spray with color spray paint. I used Krylon brand and a nifty nozzle.
Let that dry and follow-up with as many coats as you want. I think I did 3 coats.

While the paint is drying wrap the cardboard caddy in the tape of your choice. I used Peace Symbol motif packaging tape by Duck.
The wrapping doesn’t really have to be perfect. Just cover the surface one time around so there’s no Starbucks print peeking through. However, this may take up to two wrap arounds on depending on your tape’s print.

When the paint completely dries on the bottles peel off the painters tape.
Fill your bottles with utensil (pencils, pens, scissors, hi-liters, paint brushes, single hole punchers, xacto knives — at least those are the contents of my caddy 😉 ).
Now you have yourself a new, neat, inexpensive, totally easy and repurposed caddy.

Duck has 8 motifs to choose from. If you were to wrap a caddy what motif would you use?? Comments always welcome!
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5 thoughts on “Repurposed Starbucks Caddy {Tutorial}

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  2. How cool would it be to use team tape to wrap it and then use this caddy for tailgating?

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  4. This would be cute with the bottles and tape just a solid color and filled with flowers for a centerpiece too I bet?

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