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Weigh-in Wednesday: Time to Get My (Curvy) Arse In Gear


Yep… That’s me. Pre-pregnancy. About 4 1/2 years ago.

Several weeks ago I made a somewhat conscience decision to get serious about losing weight. However, a day turned into weeks and I still hadn’t lost  a pound. Not one friggin’ pound!

I consider myself somewhat active. As a toddler teacher I’m CONSTANTLY lifting 30 pound children, bending down, standing up, running around, etc. Then I come home to my own 2 year old and have more cleaning and lifting to do.

So basically my life is not sedentary. By any means. But I do need to step up the workout game.

When I was pregnant I worked out EVERY SINGLE DAY! I would throw on my mp3 player, a shirt, and my sexy tight leggings and got to trekking.

I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’d keep a steady pace. And I’m pretty sure that’s why I had such an incredibly easy labor and delivery.

But once my son was born my workouts waned. And I couldn’t drop the baby weight. And I even breast fed!!! I still do!

So the problem is NOT my workouts. Not really.

The problem… My horrible eating habits!!!! I didn’t realize I was such a glutton until I signed up for’s free weight loss tracking system.

One of my old Torrid co-workers hipped me to the site. She has two children AND a husband and still somehow managed to lose 30 pounds. She told me her secret: MyFitnessPal AND diligently tracking her cals.


I can do this! I’ve lost weight before. Granted I was 25 and not a mom. And I was a starving artist so I pretty much lost weight because I was poor and worked out 2x a day.

I don’t have time for that mess now.

But I am very serious about losing this weight because I miss my flat tummy. I miss my smaller waist. I miss being able to wear my jeans UNDER my love handles!!!!

I miss me.

Here’s to day one. To eating better. To being active. To pushing myself. And setting goals. Here’s to weight loss success!

                                                                                        Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter

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Sinful Sundays: I’m SO Over School

Hey Daydreamers!

It’s been A WHILE… I’ve been very busy. And I’m trying to not use that as an excuse. Because realistically, we’re ALL busy. There are plenty of mamas that work full time, parent full time and STILL make time for blogging. Full time.

Ideally I’d love to be one of those mamas. Who am I kidding?

I’d love to get paid for putting my ideas and creativity out there. Full time.

But life has to be lived. And life is busy.

Since the last time I’ve blogged I’ve moved, finished up a term at school, celebrated my son’s second birthday, and gone through enough emotional bullshit to drive anyone to drink. And I’m not a drinker.

Nevertheless…. the show must go on.

My confession for this Sunday is I HATE school. I’m SO over it!!! I know it’s November — the month of thanks, right? And I am thankful. I am grateful that I don’t have to pay for school out of pocket. As of right now. I’m grateful for maintaining a 4.0.

I’m grateful that I graduate in exactly 2 months! But that’s just with an associates.

And that’s where the disdain for school seeps in.

I don’t know if I want to go BACK to school to complete a bachelors. I don’t necessarily know if I want to be a teacher in a school district. I know I don’t want to be confined to daycare for life. But I have dreams. And they don’t ALL revolve around being confined to a contract in someone’s school, capped off at the highest salary possible in 10 years, working on a Doctorates because a Masters is no longer good enough.
Fortunately, I enjoy my job. I love early childhood education. But I just have big visions.

So there… I admit it. I’m over school. Thank God I’ll be finished in 2 months because Lord knows I need a break.

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Thirsty Thursday: Smarmy Clothes

Staying in line with my vision of blogging more regularly, Thursdays have been reserved for showcasing the talents of other bloggers, crafters, DIYers, artisans, etc. And being the scattered-brained scanner that I am, I have a tendency to hop from one crafting project to another and gain much inspiration from other creative beings — hence, “thirsty”.

Today while Binging “how to paint fabric” (I want to paint my son some Spider-man inspired, spiderweb motif curtains (project pending)) I clicked on page 34 of the search results and stumbled upon the most spectacular of crafting sites called What the Craft. Then somehow I drifted further down the rabbit hole that is crafting awesomeness and ended up at the What the Craft blogger’s shop titled Smarmy Clothes.

Oh. MY. GOSH! Let’s just say if you’re into all things girly, gothic, circus, punk, trendy, and damn near unlabelble (yes, I just made up a word. Daydream Mom defines ‘unlabelble’ as anything that is different, unique, and somewhat uncatergorizable…. is that even a word?) then you’ll TOTALLY dig Smarmy Clothes.

Lex is the owner/creator/seamstress.


And how does she find the energy or time to push out the hundreds of items she has for sale? I have no clue. Check out Lex’s Etsy shop and FB page to see why I’ve fallen in absolute love.


Now if only she made plus sizes!

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Mindful Mondays: Giving Thanks to My Colleagues

Here on Daydream Mom I want to start having a more regular, expected blogging ‘schedule’. The thought behind this is that I’ll always have content to blog about and readers will sorta know what to expect. I also have a tendency to be a bit scattered. Or what some would call a Scanner. So to counteract the incessant urge to be all over the place I need structure. My Capricorn Moon thrives off it.

So, yesterday was Sinful Sundays — a day for confessing a ‘sin’. I’m not religious. Nor do I attend church or mosque or synagogue. Therefore, what is ‘sin’? Regardless, I still like the idea of going to confession. For holding myself accountable. Or simply just to be candid.

My blog is my confessional.

Today being Monday, I wanted to give thanks for something in my life I am grateful for. Not just because it’s November and EVERYONE is giving thanks, but because I genuinely am grateful.


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Sinful Sundays: I Want My 15 Minutes of DIY/Crafting Fame

It’s Sunday.  And what are Sunday’s an opportune time for? Confessing ‘sins’:

I’m notoriously inconsistent when it comes to posting on my blogs. Over the past 6 years I’ve had 5 blogs and I’ve unfortunately never really stuck with any of them. But things feel/are different with this one (Daydream Mom). I have finally found my niche and passion. I’ve also finally found something to blog about that MANY people can relate to or have ongoing interest in. (Thank You Pinterest!)

My other blogs were a bit more in the early childhood education or occult realms. Although I’M passionate about those subjects it doesn’t seem everyone else out there is.

Basically, I’m having a blast with this new blog. It’s in its infancy still but it’s doing really great and I’m hoping that in the next couple months things will really pick up. Especially since one of my projects was featured at Beckie Farrant’s Roadside Rescue site!!


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