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Etsy Vintage Gone Wild

So I CLEARLY have ADD. Undiagnosed, yet still very real. And that’s OK. I’ve come to grips with this.

This season I’m using my ADD for good (rather than evil) and have a new Etsy shop.

It’s called 2020Vision Vintage.

I started the shop in the summer of 2011 doing tarot readings for my divination practice. But I didn’t feel Etsy was the best venue to cultivate my tarot talents.

So fast-forward two years and here she is 2020Vision Vintage.

Business is going great.

Have a look at some of the quality vintage finds I personally love and would totally keep for myself, but I love selling much more than hoarding! 1950’s Velvet, Leather, & Satin Two Tier Jewelry Box w/ Gold Embossed Embellishment
Vintage Etienne Aigner Brown Leather Tri-fold Woman’s Wallet
Vintage 1980s Pixelated Flowers Yellow Silk Rayon Scarf

PELLE STUDIO by Wilsons Leather — Double Strap Genuine Leather Handbag

I’m amazed at the magnitude of Etsy’s ‘brand’. Just having the best quality photos and great tag and descriptions will get an item tons of likes, views, and even being featured on treasury lists.

Let’s just say… I’m enjoying my Etsy success while it lasts.

Who knows, maybe one day this will be a full-time business venture 😉

-Daydream Mom