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Thirsty Thursday: Smarmy Clothes

Staying in line with my vision of blogging more regularly, Thursdays have been reserved for showcasing the talents of other bloggers, crafters, DIYers, artisans, etc. And being the scattered-brained scanner that I am, I have a tendency to hop from one crafting project to another and gain much inspiration from other creative beings — hence, “thirsty”.

Today while Binging “how to paint fabric” (I want to paint my son some Spider-man inspired, spiderweb motif curtains (project pending)) I clicked on page 34 of the search results and stumbled upon the most spectacular of crafting sites called What the Craft. Then somehow I drifted further down the rabbit hole that is crafting awesomeness and ended up at the What the Craft blogger’s shop titled Smarmy Clothes.

Oh. MY. GOSH! Let’s just say if you’re into all things girly, gothic, circus, punk, trendy, and damn near unlabelble (yes, I just made up a word. Daydream Mom defines ‘unlabelble’ as anything that is different, unique, and somewhat uncatergorizable…. is that even a word?) then you’ll TOTALLY dig Smarmy Clothes.

Lex is the owner/creator/seamstress.


And how does she find the energy or time to push out the hundreds of items she has for sale? I have no clue. Check out Lex’s Etsy shop and FB page to see why I’ve fallen in absolute love.


Now if only she made plus sizes!

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I HEART Clarks!!!

And apparently I’m nearly 200 years late coming to my senses. But I absolutely LOVE Clarks. They’re masculine, sophisticated, earthy, with a twist of stuck-up flair. They’re awesome. AAAAND… Clarks has Kids shoes too! AAAAAND they have extra wide shoes! AAAAAAND they go up to gigantic sizes too!!!!

I’m thrilled! Can you tell?

So, truth be told, I’m not AT ALL a fan of their summer collection for women. But their men’s shoes…. Oh my.

Photos courtesy of SneakerFiles because I cannot yet afford a pair of Clarks. Thank You.

Sometimes I wish I were a guy.

Technically since my feet are so big, I can wear mens shoes. And I probably should start doing that! Hahaahahaa.

Good thing is if I were to do a men’s shoe I’d psych myself because I’d wear a size nine. And that makes me happy =)

-Daydream Mom

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H&M Loves Thick Chicks

Since giving birth to my son 15 months ago, I have had to realize and embrace the fact that I am either too lazy to get into shape or I will be one of those moms who just never bounces back. How futile.

I really do enjoy my new body. I have breasts the size of watermelons (not that they weren’t huge before), real hips, and a nice toosh. Thank you, Son!

Seriously, I attribute my new voluptuousness to childbirth. And I’m grateful. However, I’m not as grateful that I have to shell out duckets for a WHOLE new wardrobe.

That part I can do without — considering how “broke” I am.

But I’ve found the answer to being fat (or curvy, whichever term feels right for that moment) and poor! H&M!

I remember I used to shop there when I was a size 12. Keep in mind — I’m 5’10 and African-American. A size 12 is a damn good, not yet considered obese size.

So here are a few finds from H&M for the New Year. Coming this Spring =)
Can’t wait to rock these fun colors.

Here’s to a New Year! And may we prove the Mayan calendar wrong…