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Weigh-in Wednesday: Time to Get My (Curvy) Arse In Gear


Yep… That’s me. Pre-pregnancy. About 4 1/2 years ago.

Several weeks ago I made a somewhat conscience decision to get serious about losing weight. However, a day turned into weeks and I still hadn’t lost  a pound. Not one friggin’ pound!

I consider myself somewhat active. As a toddler teacher I’m CONSTANTLY lifting 30 pound children, bending down, standing up, running around, etc. Then I come home to my own 2 year old and have more cleaning and lifting to do.

So basically my life is not sedentary. By any means. But I do need to step up the workout game.

When I was pregnant I worked out EVERY SINGLE DAY! I would throw on my mp3 player, a shirt, and my sexy tight leggings and got to trekking.

I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’d keep a steady pace. And I’m pretty sure that’s why I had such an incredibly easy labor and delivery.

But once my son was born my workouts waned. And I couldn’t drop the baby weight. And I even breast fed!!! I still do!

So the problem is NOT my workouts. Not really.

The problem… My horrible eating habits!!!! I didn’t realize I was such a glutton until I signed up for’s free weight loss tracking system.

One of my old Torrid co-workers hipped me to the site. She has two children AND a husband and still somehow managed to lose 30 pounds. She told me her secret: MyFitnessPal AND diligently tracking her cals.


I can do this! I’ve lost weight before. Granted I was 25 and not a mom. And I was a starving artist so I pretty much lost weight because I was poor and worked out 2x a day.

I don’t have time for that mess now.

But I am very serious about losing this weight because I miss my flat tummy. I miss my smaller waist. I miss being able to wear my jeans UNDER my love handles!!!!

I miss me.

Here’s to day one. To eating better. To being active. To pushing myself. And setting goals. Here’s to weight loss success!

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