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Weigh-in Wednesday: Time to Get My (Curvy) Arse In Gear


Yep… That’s me. Pre-pregnancy. About 4 1/2 years ago.

Several weeks ago I made a somewhat conscience decision to get serious about losing weight. However, a day turned into weeks and I still hadn’t lost  a pound. Not one friggin’ pound!

I consider myself somewhat active. As a toddler teacher I’m CONSTANTLY lifting 30 pound children, bending down, standing up, running around, etc. Then I come home to my own 2 year old and have more cleaning and lifting to do.

So basically my life is not sedentary. By any means. But I do need to step up the workout game.

When I was pregnant I worked out EVERY SINGLE DAY! I would throw on my mp3 player, a shirt, and my sexy tight leggings and got to trekking.

I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’d keep a steady pace. And I’m pretty sure that’s why I had such an incredibly easy labor and delivery.

But once my son was born my workouts waned. And I couldn’t drop the baby weight. And I even breast fed!!! I still do!

So the problem is NOT my workouts. Not really.

The problem… My horrible eating habits!!!! I didn’t realize I was such a glutton until I signed up for’s free weight loss tracking system.

One of my old Torrid co-workers hipped me to the site. She has two children AND a husband and still somehow managed to lose 30 pounds. She told me her secret: MyFitnessPal AND diligently tracking her cals.


I can do this! I’ve lost weight before. Granted I was 25 and not a mom. And I was a starving artist so I pretty much lost weight because I was poor and worked out 2x a day.

I don’t have time for that mess now.

But I am very serious about losing this weight because I miss my flat tummy. I miss my smaller waist. I miss being able to wear my jeans UNDER my love handles!!!!

I miss me.

Here’s to day one. To eating better. To being active. To pushing myself. And setting goals. Here’s to weight loss success!

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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Let’s Stay Healthy, and Beat the Flu

I’m a huge advocate for being and staying healthy the natural, holistic way. I never get a flu shot, and fortunately have only had the flu maybe once in my adult life. The reason I don’t do vaccines is because they’re full of crazy chemicals that alter our natural chemistry. I say “Pick Your Poison” — and being the sugar-holic I am what more do I need toxifying my body.

There are very EASY AND AFFORDABLE ways to stay healthy throughout the impending flu season.

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A Cure for Heebie Jeebies: I HEART Essential Oils

I used to work for The Body Shop back in the day. Not A body shop. THEEEE Body Shop. You know…. The people who invented body butter! Remember when this was their logo?


Ya that’s how long ago I worked there.

I’m not gonna lie; working for them was by far one of my all-time favorite jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Did I put enough exclamations? I think you get the gist of just how much I loved that job). Well, I left there after two years because the company was making some changes after the founder, Dame Anita Roddick passed from a complication during surgery. Very sad story. I remember when we got the phone call at our downtown Union Station store that Anita had passed. We were heartbroken. And although I had never met her in person, I knew I’d miss her presence guiding the company.

She loved that company very much! It was her passion.


It was MY passion!! Everyday I got to educate people on the benefits of using natural ingredients, fair-trade, going green, moisturizing, exfoliating, cleansing, and all things related to nurturing the body. TBS also carries make-up so I’d get to use a willing customer’s face as my canvas which I absolutely loved because I’m an artist at heart.

*sigh*…. the memories.

The point in getting all sentimental was to say working for TBS was the first time I’d heard of essential oils.

Funny story: I walked into TBS on my 24th birthday and bought my first essential oil — lavender. I remember walking out of the store and saying to my mother “I’m going to work there.” One month later I was on the payroll!

Ever since that day I’ve been hooked on essential oils!!! Love love love them! They have so many benefits and are wonderful alternatives to Western medicine.

I plan on blogging A LOT more about essential oils and will probably dedicate 1 day a week to introducing a new oil.

With that said, today’s oil is Oregano.


I busted out the Oregano oil today because I was feeling like I was coming down with the heebie jeebies. Oregano is very potent. It’s an anti- EVERYTHING agent. Antibacterial. Antifungal. Anti-inflammatory. Antioxidant. Anti-viral. It aids in digestion. It’s just one of those all around do the damn job oils!!

I simply dropped two drops in my bottle of water and got to sipping.

There are 3 ways you can use essential oils. If they’re a decent grade. Like doTERRA essential oils. They can be used topically, orally, or aromatically. I’ll touch on all those topics later on.

So yea, tomorrow when I awake I should feel a bit more like myself. All thanks to Oregano essential oil.

Nigh Nigh…

Do you use essential oils? Do you prefer one brand over another or have a favorite oil? Mine’s lavender!!! Could you tell?


Admission #1: I Am.. Not Thin

In exactly one month I’ll be joining my son in celebration of his second birthday! Wooowhoo! I’m so excited. My lil man-man is getting longer, stronger, and smarter everyday. It’s amazing how much of a metamorphosis children undergo during the early years. What’s even more amazing is the lack of metamorphosis on behalf of my body!

Shortly after giving birth (click here for the short version of the world’s fastest 4 and 1/2 hour birth from a first-time mom) I thought there was no way in the world I’d NOT lose the baby weight. I mean after all I was extremely active during my pregnancy, ate a (somewhat) vegetarian diet, exercised everyday, and I even stayed at home with my son for the first 15 months of his life — in other words “So why the hell am I still… NOT thin?!”

Well let me show you why….!


Hmmmmmm. What is that, my friends?

IDK. Something I shouldn’t be drinking. What’s so ironic is I AM NOT A DRINKER!

I absolutely hate alcohol. The taste. The feeling of not being ‘myself’. The empty calories.

Seriously.. if I’m going to ingest 300 calories of pure sugar it better be from a donut.

Speaking of donuts… What’s THIS?

Ohhhh nothing. Just a clan of yummy chocolate glazed miniature donuts. And yes. I ate the whole mini donut tribe. And it was great.

So as you see I have a PROBLEM >>>> I eat ALL the wrong things.

And here’s another piece of irony —- I USED TO BE VEGAN!

Well I can’t take it anymore. My 5 foot 10 Torrid-model-frame was never, by any means, thin or even skinny. But before getting knocked up I was definitely rockin’ my size 12 curves!!

And that’s where I need to get back to. ESPECIALLY before my 30th birthday in …. less than 5 months!

I can do it. I know I can. I’ve done it before. More than anything, I just needed to admit this to myself.

Any of you experienced an amazing weight loss journey you’d like to share??! Plz do! Comment below =D

PS. Motivation!