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Mindful Mondays: Giving Thanks to My Colleagues

Here on Daydream Mom I want to start having a more regular, expected blogging ‘schedule’. The thought behind this is that I’ll always have content to blog about and readers will sorta know what to expect. I also have a tendency to be a bit scattered. Or what some would call a Scanner. So to counteract the incessant¬†urge to be all over the place I need structure. My Capricorn Moon thrives off it.

So, yesterday was Sinful Sundays — a day for confessing a ‘sin’. I’m not religious. Nor do I attend church or mosque or synagogue. Therefore, what is ‘sin’? Regardless, I still like the idea of going to confession. For holding myself accountable. Or simply just to be candid.

My blog is my confessional.

Today being Monday, I wanted to give thanks for something in my life I am grateful for. Not just because it’s November and EVERYONE is giving thanks, but because I genuinely am grateful.


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