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Repurposed Starbucks Caddy {Tutorial}


I am the frugal Queen. But I have nice taste. (Or at least I think I do). However, sometimes those standards are not reflected in my buying style because I simply don’t have the funds. I’m sure many of you would agree you’re in a similar predicament — especially if you’re a single, co-parenting parent.

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DIY Lamp Redo Tutorial


A couple of months ago I bought this hot mess of a lamp from the Goodwill for 3 whole dollars.
At the time I knew the lamp was perfect for a quick DIY/crafting project but I wasn’t quite sure where my vision would take me. But today in Target I found this beautiful newspaper-inspired wrapping paper in their dollar section. *You know what section I’m referring to. The one you make a b-line to as soon as the automated doors welcome your presence.*

So this fabulous wrapping paper is only a buck for 40 whole feet! I thought it was a steal.

I found a bunch of other cool stuff I dare not include in this post because it’d just cause me to go off on an unnecessary tangent. But let’s just say I’m sure I’ll be using the goodies in a new project. So stay tuned.

Now where was I?

Oh yes! So I thought this wrapping paper would do wonders for this hot mess pink lamp and I already had some 1/4 inch sisal rope at home that I envisioned would be a perfect match.

Here’s how the process went.

I gathered supplies:

Sisal rope
Wrapping paper
Hot glue gun and sticks
Glue stick


First I measured (or rather eyeballed) the length of the sisal by wrapping it around the lamp shade. Then I cut a few pieces of sisal. I took one strip of sisal rope at a time and glued it to the lamp shade.


Technically, I should have taken a midway pic but it literally took me a couple hours to hot glue the sisal. I’m a slow worker, especially when I’m making dinner/bathing and entertaining a toddler. The average undistracted adult could probably get this project complete in 2 hours from start to finish.

So after I finished the shade, I started on the lamp base. This part was actually VERY easy because I wanted it to have a newspaper collage look.

So I cut out 1 inch strips of wrapping paper, put glue stick on the lamp base and/or wrapping paper strip, and placed it on the lamp base. SIMPLE.


The one thing to keep in mind is if you’re working with a sphere shaped lamp, as I was, be sure not to cut the wrapping paper strips TOO LONG. Somehow mathematically (I was never good at that subject) a rectangle or square can not fit around a sphere without ending up with crimply edges. In other words, experiment with what size strips will work for the base of your lamp.

That’s it! Here’s the finished product!

Now off to do schoolwork. Nigh Nigh…

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Am I late? Because I love sisal!

So I’m totally new to the whole DIY blogging world. I’ve always been more of a do-it-in-my-spare-time-if-I-ever-get-any type of lady. It wasn’t until I moved into a larger place that I really felt motivated to buckle down and really find my signature style.

Well… My ‘style’ is still very much in the works because not only am I a single, co-parenting mother of one, and full-time student. I’m also a teacher. SO you know what that means. I’m BALLIN’ OUTTA CONTROL! Ha! Don’t I wish.

One thing about me is I’m very frugal. But I also like very nice things. Therefore my heart picks Pottery Barn, yet my wallet settles for thrift store finds. But that’s ok! That’s where my “Why would I pay for that? I can totally make that!” motto helps.

Since I’ve decided to give this blogging DIY venture a go I’ve stumbled upon so many gifted, creative DIYers.

It’s fascinating! …It’s inspiring! ….It’s…. INTIMIDATING!!

It’s as if I see this incredible project on Pinterest or some nifty site and my creative left brain goes “Heck yeah! Go for it, Jess!!”. Then my analytical right brain get’s way too practical and starts saying “That’s impractical”.

Well, I say BOOOO, right brain. I wanna give it a go. Regardless how small, inexpensive, redundant, or passe the project may be.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Back in July I saw this cool sisal wrapped bowl Kate from Centsational Girl did. I fell completely in love! But ummmm. “You’re a year late for that trend,” said my right brain.

Nevertheless, I loved the look of sisal and got to wrapping.

I found this glass bottle at a local Goodwill. I think it was like 2 bucks.
Picked up some sisal rope at The Home Depot for about 5 bucks.
And got to hot glue gunnin’.

A few quick minutes later I had a cool new sisal wrapped bottle for…. whatever I want to use it for.

I like. No. I take that back… I LOVE!

What sooo 2011 trend are you still in love with? I think I might try it.

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DIY: Dinos, Spray Paint, and Brain Farts

I found this cool wooden initial at Walmart the other day and immediately thought “SPRAY PAINT!”. It’s for my son’s room. He’s closing in on 2 years old within the next couple months and I really wanted to do something neat for his bedroom — hopefully motivating him to someday sleep in there on his own. LOL.

So I got this really funky Ivy Green Krylon spray paint that I think would look super neat. But I don’t want to stop there. I’m trying to find a cool design to draw on top of the spray paint. But I’m having a mental block!


Could be all the hecticness going on with my son’s daycare, or the fact that I’m taking a full load of courses this term at Kaplan, or maybe it’s the fact that I just need to declutter my house…. Again. Either way, I’m at a total loss for a suitable motif.

My son really loves trains, especially  that PBS show Dinosaur Train…. It’s so cute. Every morning when I drop him off at school we sing the song (well, I sing the lyrics) and he finishes it off with a huge roar! So hilarious.


Hmmmm…. I think I JUST got an idea!

Now let’s see how long it takes me to manifest/actually create it. 😉

Daydream Mom


DIY Tutorial: Giraffe Print, Spray Paint, Dirty Dishes

Well not exactly dirty dishes. Although… you could utilize old dishes for this easy peezy DIY project. I saw this nifty project on Living With Lindsay. It literally took me 3 hours from start to finish to make this masterpiece. And that was even with a toddler running around, all while unpacking from a much-needed vacay. So trust. You can get this done in probably an hour or 2 if you’re kid free for a moment.

So let’s get started.


First, wash and dry a plate of your choice.

I chose a plate that I have plenty of and would never, ever eat from.

Second, tape the entire top of plate with painters tape.

Third, choose a design. I chose a giraffe print because I love their brown-y, yellowish pattern. And wanted to do something less… trite. If you need help with choosing an animal print simply Bing or Google “animal print”, then click IMAGES.

Next, draw on your design with a Sharpie. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Trust. The end result will be so phenomenal no one will even know that the imperfections were accidents.

Then, whip out your handy dandy Xacto knife and get to cutting!! This is the most tedious step of all. Cut along the lines you’ve drawn and gently pull off the painters tape to expose the plate.

Once you’ve gotten the pattern exposed spray paint on some primer. I used Rustoleum brand spray on primer in white.

Let the primer dry for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Lastly, spray paint with a spray paint color of your choosing. I used Krylon Brushed Metallic Satin spray paint.

Let it dry for about an hour and peel off the painters tape. The end result is a beautifully decorated plate. Hang it on your wall, place it in your foyer, keep it at the kitchen table just because you did it yourself!


♥ Daydream Mom

Hey… I’m interested to know… What sort of ANIMAL PRINT would you spray paint on your dishes??!! Share your ideas! I might try it.

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