Daydream Mom

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Is that your tit hanging out?

Have YOU personally ever seen a mother nursing her infant/toddler/child…?

If so, what was your initial gut reaction?

Were you intrigued? Supportive? Compelled? Disgusted? Astonished? In denial??!

I’m a supporter of nursing in public. I’m a supporter of nursing past infancy. I’m a supporter of letting your tit hang out!

Well… not necessarily letting it AAAALLL hang out but hey if you’re rockin’ a ‘double d’ rack then sometimes you have no choice but to.

Nursing in public is not about putting on a show. It’s about nourishing a child when they ‘demand’ nourishment.

I mean… YOU wouldn’t deprive yourself if you were hungry, riiiiight?

So to all the beautiful mothers who choose to nurse at all, or HECK, nurse publicly …. here’s to us!


♥ Daydream Mom