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The Red Wagon Never Died, It’s Just Been Repurposed

Get clever, like this fella.

Whenever I get to (re)organizing our home, I slip into a no-interruption-allowed zone. My body and mind switch to autopilot and I’m ready to rock n roll. I like to grab up everything I can in that one area and disperse items back to their original home — all in record speed. Organizing is more about swiftness, less about meticulosity (I’m pretty sure that’s a word, right?). Leave the precision for spring cleaning or a cleaning lady (unless, of course, you’re the type who pines over scrubbing baseboards.. Pun intended).

I just can’t do it. Organizing has to be simplified or I’ll just make excuses not to do it. So here’s what I’ve found makes getting those strewn about clothes, toys and sundry home goods back into their one-of-a-kind homes: The Red Wagon.

It’s perfect! Trust me. Next time you’re bouncing around the house, trying to put things in their designated domain, consider grabbing your tots wagon (preferably the squeak-free Little Tykes, circa 2000 whatever, version). It’ll come in so handy you’ll wonder how you didn’t think of it sooner.

Just start slinging stuff right into the wagon as you organize (…or clean) the room you’re working on. Then before you know it, you’ll be finished with the family room and on to conquer little Chloe’s lair. And the great part is, even if you get an itch to organize at 12am when everyone’s soaking their pillow with midnight drool, the wagon won’t wake anyone with clumsy squeaking and clanking.

It’s fool proof. Mom approved.