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Sinful Sundays: I Want My 15 Minutes of DIY/Crafting Fame

It’s Sunday.  And what are Sunday’s an opportune time for? Confessing ‘sins’:

I’m notoriously inconsistent when it comes to posting on my blogs. Over the past 6 years I’ve had 5 blogs and I’ve unfortunately never really stuck with any of them. But things feel/are different with this one (Daydream Mom). I have finally found my niche and passion. I’ve also finally found something to blog about that MANY people can relate to or have ongoing interest in. (Thank You Pinterest!)

My other blogs were a bit more in the early childhood education or occult realms. Although I’M passionate about those subjects it doesn’t seem everyone else out there is.

Basically, I’m having a blast with this new blog. It’s in its infancy still but it’s doing really great and I’m hoping that in the next couple months things will really pick up. Especially since one of my projects was featured at Beckie Farrant’s Roadside Rescue site!!


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Repurposed Starbucks Caddy {Tutorial}


I am the frugal Queen. But I have nice taste. (Or at least I think I do). However, sometimes those standards are not reflected in my buying style because I simply don’t have the funds. I’m sure many of you would agree you’re in a similar predicament — especially if you’re a single, co-parenting parent.

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